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Sandstone Mascara intense brown

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Sandstone Mascara Intense gives you rich, separate and more bowed lashes. The narrow applicator gives great separation on the rocker, and along with the unique form, it is impossible to get to lump. Have a rubber applicator and is easy to build up for a more dramatic look. It contains vitamins C and E and keeps the shape of your lashes for up to 12 hours and is simultaneous tear resistant. Perfect for sensitive eyes and users of contact lenses. Is allergy certified and vegan, and does not contain perfume or essential oils. Recommended for sensitive skin. Here in a beautiful, dark brown color for a more natural look.


Apply the mascara with the bulky rubber brush. It is easy and the brush ensures you that the lumps do not clump together.



Sandstone Scandinavia is a true Danish family business. Sandstone Founded in 2015 by Jesper K. Hansen and has base in Odense. Jesper was at that time the father of three teenage girls and even by developing perfume allergy. With three teen girls who were large consumer of cosmetics on a daily basis, he could easily imagine that the same could exceed them. It became the start of Sandstone Scandinavia.
Jesper K. Hansen wanted an alternative to the traditional market. An alternative, without perfume and harmful allergens. The goal was therefore to develop a complete skin-friendly makeup series that arranged to cover all needs. The series should be quality conscious, having delicious design and some fair prices.
The result became EN Sandstone Makeup series with delicious skin-friendly products for both skin, eyes, lips and brows.

With Sandstone Scandinavia If you are against animal studies, and an active support of Anima, there is a Danish organization against animal experiments. Virtually all the products at Sandstone Scandinavia Is vegan and does not contain ingredients coming from animals.

Sandstone Scandinavia Works closely with allergy caused, which is also the case with zero It is your security for hypoallergenic products.

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