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Hevi sugaring strips for the body - 100 pcs.

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100 strips for hair removal with sugar wax.
Can be cleaned with hot water and again used for the next hair removal.

Strips for sugaring
Hevi strips are both soft and extremely durable. In fact, they can be recycled 6-8 times (jerk) in the same treatment. When the sugar joke is so thick about the strip that it is annoying to work with, it must be replaced with a new one. When the entire sugaring treatment is complete, all strips can be washed in hot water, after which they can be used again. In this package with strips for sugaring, you get 100 pcs. - Then there is a very long time.

Use your strips right and get the best result
Jerk down the skin and always with the hair's grorle.

The strip must always be moved down the skin with a firm and fast jerk. If you are going to move out, or away from the skin, you can get a blood collection (a blue mark)

Organic and effective hair removal with sugaring
Hevi sugaring removes easily and effectively the hairs on the body. Unlike other wax products, the hairs are moved out with The hair's groret. It gives you a hair removal that is less painful, and the end result is better and better. Sugar wax is especially good for you who need a gentle alternative to shaving, epilator or traditional wax.

Minimize ingrown hair and beard design
With sugaring you move out the hairs at Rode. Therefore, there is also a longer time before they grow out again (up to 4-6 weeks). When they grow out, then the soft new hair that does not feel like "stumps". So you maintain the smooth result for a long time and release to think about hair removal in everyday life. Hevi sugaring sugar wax removes all dead skin cells during treatment and therefore leaves a silky-soft result.


Jerk the strip down the skin with a firm and fast jerk. If you are going to move out, or away from the skin, you can form a blood collection (a blue mark).

Remember to move the strip with The hair's groret.

Hevi strips can be used several times during the same treatment.

Can be washed clean after treatment with hot water and again used for the next treatment.


HEVI Sugaring

HEVI Sugaring has been created from a wondering, if you could not cope with the remotest of the hair. Chemical and more efficient. Vivi Truelsen started the company after she had tried chemical-free and effective hairline in a clinic by helping Sugaring back in 2011. She stayed with the same enthusiasm for the amazing way of removing her hair. It was much less painful and the result was better than other waxing treatments. It was not possible, however, to buy domestic consumption and it was an eye open-end for Vivi.
She spent a long time developing the sugar-growing product that is currently on the shelves of Nulallergi.dk and other shops. But developed, it was, and she's real proud of it.
The sugar wax is both organic, the swan and allergy-certified, which makes you with serenity can use it for your hair plumes.

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