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Miild - 06 Blender Brush

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Blender Brush is the brush that blends the makeup beautiful together. Blender Brushen has several different functions. It can be used both to blend eye shadows beautiful, but also used to buffer products beautifully into the skin in smaller areas.

A Blender Brush is a must if you want to use multiple eye shadow colors on the eyelid, where using the brush will make them melt incredibly beautiful together.
It has a round shape, and therefore works really well when using circular movements. It can also be used to apply Concealer in a smaller area, which must have a high covering ability where you at the same time achieve a very natural look.

Overall, Blender Brush can be used for all our products. It is more a matter of feature and the area itself.
Use it to apply highlight / bronzer into smaller areas, mineral powder in smaller areas, such as eye shadow blender for your eye shadow colors and to inflict concealer in smaller areas. It is only the imagination that sets the limit.

This brush is handmade of the finest synthetic hairs, where a true hair is copied in its fibers so that the hair spray itself is thicker at the bottom and becomes thinner and thinner towards the tip. They are soft and good to grab the product. All Miild's brushes are made of synthetic hair, as this is the most hygienic and hypoallergenic.

We recommend that you wash once a week once a week.

Washing guide

Make the brush wet, apply a climb shampoo without perfume the size of a 1 crown in your palm. Run in gentle circular movement brush around in the palm until you see, the color from Makeuprians get out into the skim from the shampoo. Then rinse with water. Repeated until the brush is perfectly clean.

Lay it to dry overnight, put it down, in addition to an edge, so they can get air from both sides.

Avoid putting it up, as the water can run down and loosen the brush hairs from the shaft itself.

Nilens Jord

Nile land was changed in 1982 by Lars Jacobsson. The ambitions
Was creating a universe of great, clean and quality beauty products that could of all women with all skin types. Lars and his wife Berit made the foundation of what is today one of the most trusted brand in beauty.
At Nilen's land, focus is focused on sustainability and they work hard to reduce the impact on the environment and thus take care of better at our All Mother Earth.

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