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Astion Anti Itch Spray, 100 ml

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Astion Anti Itch Spray Is a very suitable for dampening and reducing itching and Irridaion.
The product is designed for dry irritated and atopic skin, and it can advantageously be used in e.g. Chickenpox, heating knobs or rashes.

1. The product is ideal for dry, irritated and atopic skin.

2. Chickenpox: Anti Itch Spray relieves itching, irritation and sensitivity in connection with chickenpox. When using this spray, you can keep that the child scrolls hole on the skin and thereby burden the skin even more.

The product is allergy caused. This means that you can be sure it is a product with the least possible risk of allergy.

The product can be used by both children and adults.

How does Astion Anti Itch Spray work?
Astion Anti Itch Spray can be used throughout the body as needed. It sees soothing and claws, and it is extremely suitable for atopic skin. Itching and irration will be reduced immediately after use, and thus you can minimize the urge to scratch in the skin.


The product is sprayed on the skin in the desired area. Spray approx. 20 cm from the skin and then advantage the product, if necessary. .

The product is easy to use and it can be used as needed. You may use the product several times daily when the need arises.


100 ml / 250 ml

Aqua, Niacinamide, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Propanediol, Phenoxyethanol, sodium pCA, glyceryl glucoside, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, caprylyl glycol, citric acid, glyceryl caprylate.

Can be used by both children and adults. We always recommend that you try the cream on small area before using it the first time.

The product is allergy caused. This means that you can be sure it is a product with the least possible risk of allergy.


Astion Pharma's history goes back to the start of the 1980s. Here dermatologists wanted effective treatment against eczema and it should be without adrenal hormone (cortisone).
The first product was developed for children, as there was a good moisturizer for children with Atopic eczema. From there, product development against developing a cream that proves protects and the help of the whole.
Part of the secret of Astion Pharma is the active substance dermadexin that forms a thin and protective shield over the irritated skin. Thus, the products help to reduce and protect against influences from outside, it could be so annoying as infections. The creams at the same time keep your skin damp and delicious.
Dermadexin has a documented effect and it has been through covered tests in 7 countries. It has also labeled allergy caused which, in addition to guaranteeing allergy, is also the input ticket into zero, as we are solely dealing with products that are allergy caused.
While you process your eczema with products from Astion Pharma, it can also be recommended to use the caring products from together manufacturer.

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