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Our 3 best winter tips for your skin

Here you get our 3 best tips on how to take good care of your skin during the winter period.

1. Think about how you treat your skin on a daily basis. Avoid washing the skin with degreasing soaps and do not wash too often with warm water. Also be careful with the long hot baths. Consider cold or lukewarm water for hand washing, mild soaps and occasionally use hand sanitizer instead of soap washing - it is milder and more gentle on the skin.

2. Be sure to preserve your skin's natural moisture. Your skin needs moisture to form a strong barrier against external influences. Therefore, a layer of fats and water-binding molecules must be applied to the skin so that the natural moisture is preserved. Therefore, use a good allergy-free moisturizer every day. You thus prevent eczema and dehydration, often you can even treat mild eczema in this way.

3. Avoid allergenic chemicals. It is important that you know what it is you are smearing on body and hands and in your face. Natural, vegan or organic content does not mean that the products can not cause allergies. In fact, the vast majority of allergens are completely natural things such as flowers, plants and other natural extracts. Therefore, be critical and make sure that your care products comply with the strictest allergy certification.

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