Release off with walking year on inner parts with Active by Charlotte –
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Release off with walking year on inner parts with Active by Charlotte

Rub your thighs against each other? No problem with Take Care Spray from Active by Charlotte!

The spray from Active by Charlotte is allergy causedSo you should not be nervous about getting allergic reactions when use. Therefore, the product does not contain perfume, so you do not smell like a perfume department if you use the product several places on the body.

Many women have specifically in summer problems with redness or wounds between the thighs because the inner parts rub against each other.
Take Care Spray from Active By Charlotte is the miracle against this if you have not found a way to avoid this yet. The only thing you need to do is spray it on the inner cases, smear it a little and then let it dry. The product lays as a thin skin on the inner parts so that the dog does not get annoyed by the friction knowing that the thighs rub against each other. You can therefore run around with dress, skirt, short shorts or other, without having to take cycling shorts or the like in person.

The Take Care spray can also be used for training.
When training, there is also often friction between different parts of the body, which triggers redness or in the worst case sores. Use the spray in the exposed areas, as between the thighs, on the nipples, at the bra or under the arms. This again puts a thin skin on the skin, which alleviates redness by friction.

Take Care Spray from Active by Charlotte Is therefore a really good product whether you exercise or just want to get rid of cycling shorts in the summer. There are no hazards for allergic reactions with this product, so it is just to spray the product on the selected areas so you avoid redness.

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