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Say no to allergy with a hypoallergenic face cream

When we use creams with harmful chemicals, our immune system will try to expel them from the body, and this process can result in allergic reactions. Though creams can never be 100% hypoallergenic because it is different, what our bodies react to, this reduces significantly the risk of allergic reactions by buying creams without harmful chemicals. Below we have compiled some of the best hypoallergenic face creams on the market, all AllergyCertified, so you can get insight into how a hypoallergenic cream can make a difference for you.

What does it mean that a product is AllergyCertified?

Products that are AllergyCertified is both skin and hypoallergenic, containing neither perfume or endocrine disruptors.

IVY AIA Face Cream with provitamin B5

This cream from IVY AIA, which is 100% vegan, is an incredibly popular hypoallergenic face cream, due to both its protective and moisturizing properties but also its favorable price.

Face cream contains provitamin B5, which is converted to vitamin B5 in the skin, as a calming and soothing the skin and provides plenty of intense moisture. This cream can be used by anyone with normal or combination skin, and simply applied to the face morning and night. The cream consistency is silky soft and is quickly delivered to the skin, so that you avoid the unpleasant sticky feeling in the face, as some creams often leaves one with. When this cream has so many benefits, so it may be hard to believe that it stands for only 59 kroner - but it does it all, and you can find the right here

Ecooking Day Cream

This beautiful day cream from Ecooking is perfect for those who want a cream with anti-aging properties.

This day cream is vegan and prevents using the ingredient Hyadisine, which smoothes the skin signs of aging and fine lines, and so it will simultaneously provide intense moisture and care. The cream also contains Trylagen, which also helps to give the skin youthful fullness. The cream is super delicious in itself, but as a bonus comes in the finest glass jar that you can reuse for storage when you have used all the cream - super thoughtful! You can find it here.

Skin Beliefs Beautifying Face Cream Day & Night

This nurturing and nourishing day and night cream from Skin Beliefs are designed for all skin types and will leave your skin radiant.

The cream contains hyaluronic acid that go into the skin and restore the natural moisture balance, while the skin a smoother appearance. In addition, the cream also vitamin E, which protects against the sun's harmful rays, as well as shea butter that increases cell renewal of the skin. This cream leaves all your skin fresh, soft and soaked - well, actually brilliant - giving you a healthy and beautiful look. This day and night cream is a super good price, underlining that this cream really is all. The cream from Skin Beliefs can find here.

Derma Eco Woman 24H Face Cream for normal skin

This cream from Derma who has a smart pump that makes it incredibly easy to dose the cream, preserves your skin's elasticity and thus your youthful appearance.

Face cream, which is intended for normal skin is packed with everything your skin needs, such as aloe vera, vitamin E, and oils that provide the care and protect your skin around the clock. Derma Eco Woman 24H face cream has been recommended by the Consumer Council Think Chemistry and Asthma Allergy Nordic and is, besides being AllergyCertified, both certified by Ecocert and the Swan. As if that was not enough, the product packaging is 100% recyclable, leaving you with even better conscience can throw the cream cart. You will find the cream here

Nile Soil Dry Skin

This face cream from the Nile Earth is incredibly moisturizing and particularly suitable for those who have dry skin.

Are you tired of dry and tight skin in the face, you should definitely try you with this cream which is extra nourishing and moisturizing. The cream to be applied to morning and evening really comes your skin for the rescue as it is stuffed with good B vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which ensures your skin. In addition, it also contains plenty of oils and shea and manganus butter that leaves your skin soft and delicious. Are you clear to do something good for your skin so do you find the face cream here.

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