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Sandstone   Sandstone 


It has been important for them to make a wide product range so that everyone has the opportunity to get a total makeup series that does not contain harmful substances. And that must be said, has succeeded with more products for your skin, eyes, running and brows.  Sandstone. We have different primers to the whole face and eyes.

foundation foundation 

For the rest of your face we have different bronzers and even a Contour Palette. To your eyes we have mascara and different eyeshadows - some that you can also use as a blush on your cheeks.

SandstoneAs we negotiate at zero allergy, allergycertified, so you are ensured that they do not contain any kind of harmful chemicals.


  • Sandstone 
  • All their products are made with skin -friendly preservatives and contain only the highest quality raw materials.
  • Virtually all of their products are vegan and therefore do not contain ingredients that come from animals - you can read on the individual products, which are vegan.
  • None of their products contain essential oils.
  • Sandstone  Sandstone 
  • All their products are perfume -free - their lip products contain natural vanilla extract.

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