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How to get rid of eczema and dry skin with Astion Pharma

If you have problems with irritated skin, you are far from the only one. Skin problems Is everyday for many, and it can have great importance for the quality of life. Fortunately, there is hope for you and your skin. ASTION PHARMA. Is a brand that has a mission to fight eczema, itching and irritation.

Here you can get wiser on the popular brand Astion Pharma, including how the products work.

Astion Pharma strengthens the natural shield of the skin

Did you know that the products from Astion Pharma form a thin shield over your irritated skin? If not, you can advantageously read on here. The products contain the active substance dermadexin, which has a special protective effect. In this way, the skin is spared against side effects from outside. When using the creams, the skin's natural moisture will be in balance. Dermadexin has documented effect. The creams have been tested under extensive circumstances with 400 patients divided into seven countries.

Eczema is due to the skin's natural barrier being broken down. When the skin's natural barrier is degraded, the skin will at the same time be susceptible to bacteria, which can cause redness and itching. A leaky skin barrier is also equal to dry skin, as skin moisture disappears. If you come with eczema, it is therefore about rebuilding the skin's natural barrier.

Benefits of the Products from Astion Pharma:

  • protects the skin from bacteria
  • Treats eczema and rebuild the skin's barrier
  • Preserves the skin's natural moisture so that the skin does not dry out.

There are a large number of different product series based on dermadexin. For the treatment of eczema, for example, Astion Skin Cure, Astion Hand Cure and Astion Face Cure.

Astion Pharma can be used by both children and adults

If you have children, you can probably recognize that eczema at the least at all is not nice. Example Have a total of 28% of exemienic problems with sleeping at night Because of their eczema. However, as a parent you can spare your children for itchy exemine with products from Astion Pharma. The products can be used by adults and children down to 0 years. However, Astion Pharma Skin Cure, Face Cure and Hand Cure can only be used by adults and children over 2 years.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you or your child can tolerate a cream or not, you can always try the cream in a small area the first time. If you do not experience a response to the skin within 24 hours, you can easily use the product without worry.

Whether you are a child or adult, it is a good idea to supplement your treatment of eczema with other caring products. Astion Pharma has a large selection of care products that are pure pampering for the skin. For example, the creams have a fat percentage of up to 70, making them an obvious choice against eczema and dry skin.

When a cream has a high fat percentage, it is preventive to eczema, as it counteracts the skin drying. Therefore, you can advantageously use a caring cream morning and evening - especially when the eczema is in eruption.

At zero allergy, we exclusively negotiate products where only the best is good enough. Therefore, you can naturally pamper yourself and your skin with products from ASTION PHARMA. with us.

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