Beware of dry skin - it can give eczema, rash and itching. –
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Beware of dry skin - it can give eczema, rash and itching.

When your skin is dried out and lacks fat, you can eventually develop eczema. You can experience your skin being reddish, crack and annoyed. It is therefore important that you fit daily and usually do not dry out.
It can typically be on your hands, finger or legs and arms. All places are important to get cared for you to do not develop a form of eczema.

People with children's eczema and typically come / come out of outbreaks like Atopic eczema. Thus eczema as provoked eg of weather conditions.
Is there cold, dry or there is moist and windy. It's never very much. Some forms of eczema or dry skin triggered by chemistry, dust, sand and earth. It can be from cleaning agents or if you touch soil, concrete or other dust as provoking itching and can sit as a form of eczema. Most have heard about the hairdressers who have or get destroyed his hands of the hair products they have stood with and machined without gloves. So a definite work injury of finger / hands dry out and you do not care for them with grease creams / hand cream.

When the skin lacks fat, the daily care is even more important.

It is quite simple, dry skin needs a good fat cream without chemicals!
Now, always remember that it must be an allergy-free cream. Eczema, Children's Economy, Children Playing Out in Frost M.M. Everyone needs to get cared for skin with bold cream. Fat creams, Face cream and hand creams.

Also buy you a good body lotion to maintain the skin after a bath. Here, the body also dry out and thus it is not only face, hands, arms M.M. that can penetrate a well laid cream. However, in the face, it is important you do not use an too bold cream, as it can be uncomfortable (especially for children who think it is slave and therefore becomes annoyed by this). Find a good fat cream, face cream and hand cream that fits your needs and not least temperament depending on how much it should "fat your skin". Here we can recommend facemes from Ivy aïa., MDERMA, There must and many others. We've collected the overviews of face creams, Bodylotion, Hand creams - creams for him and her - children and adults. We can also highly recommend keeping an eye on what soaps you use when you bathe not to exhaust the skin recessed! Look here what selection we have of Hypoallergenic body soars

Here on If we have only the best products for these particular scenarios.
We have good fat creams for hands, face and other who can be exposed to wind and weather, dust and much more. The creams we present for you are all allergicertified, which means no chemistry or other dangerous substances in which your body should not wear. They can therefore be used for children and adults. Allergicertified is a Danish company / association that keeps close track of whether manufacturers comply with all applicable rules.

Have you developed eczema or you do not know why your skin cracks is of course important that you get this checked by your doctor - if necessary. dermatologists and not only with hand lotion, fat creams M. M ..

Find your hypoallergenic fat creams here at

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