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Oil to the whole body from mums with love

MUMS WITH LOVE - BATH & BODY OIL Is the versatile product you need - whether you are mother or not. The oil is produced in 100% vegetable oils, while it is allergenic, so everyone can use it - children like adults.

The oil from MUMS WITH LOVE Can be used for the whole body - in the shower, in the bathtub, after the bath - depending on what you want to use it for. The oil protects and cares for the skin while adding moisture so that the skin becomes soft and supple.

You can use it in the shower by lubricating the body into the oil - possibly let it sit a little so that the skin has time to absorb it - then rinse it off. Are you fortunate to have a bathtub, you can advantageously pour some of the oil in the water. Here, the oil really gets time to work so you are left with a delicious, soft skin.

You can also use it to add moisture to the body after the bath, instead of using a body lotion. The oil becomes relatively rapidly absorbed in the skin, so you should not feel the fat long before the skin just feels soft.

You can also use the oil to hair - Again both in or outside the bath. If you use the oil in the bath, it will add moisture to the hair and make the hair easier to nest afterwards. Here you put the oil in your hands, and massage it into the hair - it is best not to massage it down in the scalp if you want to avoid that the hair looks oily out - and rinse it out again after a little time just like you would do with conditioner.

Need your hair into extra moisture, you can also put the oil in both wet and dry hair outside the bath. In the wet hair, the filtered hair will be easier to nest out, while in dry hair can tame baby hair or worn spikes while adding a little shine to the hair.

The oil is also good for shaving, as the scraper slides easier across the selected area. Here you lubricate the selected area - for example, your legs - into the oil, it lets sit in a minute time, so the skin becomes a little softened, after which you can easily shave you.

The oil helps here the scraper to slide easier over the skin, while adding some moisture, which is always good, so you minimize the emergence of red buds.

The oil can also advantageously be used for massage if this is something you usually use oil. Here, the oil adds moisture to the skin, while making it easier for the "massee" to slide hands over the body.

MUMS WITH LOVE - BATH & BODY OIL Can therefore replace many moisturizing products you may already use. It can be used in a lot of ways, depending on what you need or want to use it for.

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