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Nail polish for children - FABLAB products with AllergiCertified

Moar, can I have nail polish on?
Most mothers of probably primarily girls, have probably heard this question several times. Although the first thought is probably that a little make-up, nail polish or a fake tattoo can be quite harmless, it is important to be aware that make-up, nail polish, hair color and children's tattoos usually contain a lot of chemistry. And of the many ingredients that are in beauty products, there are unfortunately several that are allergenic.

Allergy for the rest of life

With skin allergies - or contact allergies, as they are also called - it is the case that the more you expose yourself or your children to the allergenic substances, including perfume, the greater the risk of developing allergies. If you have first developed a contact allergy, there is a very high probability that it will be persistent, usually for the rest of your life, as allergies very rarely disappear again.

Contact allergy is i.a. characterized by a delayed reaction. It is often the case that the body only reacts several days later to the allergenic substance with which one has been in contact.


Children are vulnerable

There can be no doubt that both children and adults should avoid the harmful and allergenic substances and chemicals in e.g. beauty products. At the same time, however, it is also the case that children are more vulnerable to the drugs than adults are, as they are growing and thus not fully developed yet. The harmful chemistry can therefore have a very inappropriate effect on children, i.a. It is suspected that endocrine disruptors can lead to early puberty, poor sperm quality and testicular cancer.

Harmful chemistry in toy products

Although there are many beauty products and toy kits on the market that are directly aimed at children and young people, there is unfortunately no guarantee that there are no harmful chemicals in the products. In fact, many of the products that are directly aimed at children contain both perfumes, allergens and other harmful chemicals.


Are there products for children without harmful ingredients?

Yes, it does. FABLAB is the only one in the world to have allergy-certified three different beauty kits for children. You can get hair color set, glitter tattoos and Nail art , and these sets can be bought for your children with a clear conscience when they want to experiment and play "beauty clinic" at home.

At you can buy the skin-friendly and allergy-certified kits from FabLab. All products at are certified by AllergyCertified. When you use products with this certification, you have a guarantee that there is the least possible risk of allergies, as all ingredients have been carefully reviewed by toxicologists. In addition, these products also do not contain endocrine disruptors, known carcinogens and perfumes.


Allergy-certified make-up for both children and adults

All products at Nulallergi can be used safely by the whole family.

When the slightly older girls at some point start using make-up, it is a clear recommendation that you also look for AllergyCertified products here to avoid the harmful ingredients, which unfortunately are found in many products.

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