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Miild - A fire you need to know!

Hypoallergenic beauty products from Miild

Maybe you heard about the Danish beauty fire Miild - Or maybe you don't have? If the latter is the case, it is shown on time.

Several studies have shown that 1 in 4 women in the EU develop skin allergy at some point in their lives. One of the greatest reasons for this is the harmful ingredients found in some beauty products. That is precisely why it is so incredibly important to think about what ingredients are in the products you inflict your skin - and even more important to choose certified beauty products.

Miild In addition to being a 100% Danish beauty fire, also the first makeup brand in the world that has could present the combination of three recognized certifications on all their products: allergy certified, Nordic Ecocert.

The story behind:
Miild Is created and driven by the makeup artists Tine Svendsen and Tanja Gregersen, who through personal experience both have experienced allergies by using makeup and for that reason has worked purposefully to develop certified makeup, which is safe for everyone.

Tanja is multiallist and suffer from atopic eczema. Allergy has always been part of her daily life. Unfortunately, the frequency of these allergic reactions was no less as Tanja became older. Tanja was advised by both doctors, friends and family members to start a career as a makeup artist, but despite this, she still chose to go that way. However, there was no long before she realized that the critical shakes may still be right and the consequences of being makeup artist were so bad that she should be medicated on a daily basis. Tanja therefore had to find on a solution and together with Tine she took the matter in his own and started Miild.

Tine experienced for some years that she suddenly on a daily basis got genes as ongoing eyes and nose, countless sneezing and buds throughout the face. Throughout the work as Makeupartist, she had been exposed to too much chemistry and her body now said from in the form of skin allergy. After getting the diagnosis, Tine became the Council to find ecological makeup. The only problem by this was just that it was incredibly hard to find organic makeup. There was always something that Tine could not tolerate the various products that she rose down from the shelves. Tine therefore realized that there was a very good alternative in the market, which was 100% transparent, harmless and that could be used by allergy sufferers. Therefore, she created Miild along with Tanja. 

Miild Is developed with the goal of revolutionizing beauty universe with a focus on the environment, man and nature. Trust, responsibility and transparency are the values ​​in Miild And the mission is to insist on transparency in the cosmetic world. With Miild Believes that everyone has the right to know what they inflict their skin, and rather it must be a matter of course than a challenge to feel comfortable in the choice of beauty products.

Therefore we can atZero allergyClearly recommend buying Miild's products as you are guaranteed beauty products where neither compromise on allergy or product quality has been compromised. Miild Have launched a makeup collection, which includes powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows and foundations. In addition, they also have launched brushes and skin care products consisting of cleansing creams, mist and oil

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