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Much more an allergy prevention

With Zero allergy Is our great passion to find products for you who are allergenic, as only the best is good enough for our customers. All our products are therefore allergic, but they also emphasize other good things.

You may think why you should choose products with us if you are not allergic to something, but you knew you might develop allergies even if you are not allergic to it now? Your skin is your largest body, and it comes in contact with really many things - for example, it can be perfume or chemicals in your skin care products or bathing products. Your skin absorbs many of the things it comes in contact with, so if you want to live a cleaner and more natural life, where you reduce the risk of developing allergies, our products can help you on the way.

Many of our products go up to sustainability, which means that they also have the environment in the back when they make their products. Ivy aïa. For example, uses recyclable plastic for their packaging. Their goal is that 98% of the packaging must be made of recyclable plastic in the end of 2021. In addition, they also go very much in that their products are not harmful to the environment. Zenz. For example, also sustainability in the back when selling their products, so that the majority of their products are manufactured in Denmark and are sold in reusable packaging. In addition, Zenz also does not use harmful chemicals so that it does not damage your skin or environment.

Several of our products are organic and natural - again because most of the manufacturers go into the environment and will the best for your skin. Natural ingredients also mean that there are no perfume or parabens in the products, as these can be allergenic. Hormone disruptors are also avoided to give the best to you and your skin. For example, all products from the Nile soil are without perfume, parabens, essential oils, unnecessary additives and endocrine disruptors. By using makeup from Nile's land, you are therefore sure that your skin does not absorb unnecessary chemicals. Ecooking and Zenz goes a lot in that their products are ecological, to give you a feeling that you use the nature's finest ingredients. Derma's philosophy is that all ingredients in their products must have a purpose, so therefore no unnecessary ingredients are added - the same philosophy, as many of our other brands share. Products are certainly no less effective by going up what they are made of. Quality and chemicals do not hang together, but can easily be separated by, which our range of products is good proof.

Animal welfare is also a marketer for many of our products. This means that many of our products have not been tested on animals. You therefore support animal welfare by purchasing these products instead of choosing products that have been tested on animals. Ivy Aïa is, for example, 100% vegan, as their products are made without animal products. They shall, therefore, that their products do not have any kind of contact with animals - either development or production purposes. Not all our products are vegan, as part of them can contain, for example, beeswax, but most are not being tested on animals.

Allergy and eczema can provide great inconvenience and may be part-retardant. Perfume is a very common allergy, so there is no perfume in our products - the best way to develop a perfume allergy is in fact to be preventive. If you have perfume allergies or are afraid of developing allergies, we have the products for you. Our products are AllergyCertified so you can be sure that they do not contain allergenic substances, such as perfume.

By buying products at NulAllergi you allergy-free quality productsWho has a passion for more than "just" allergy prevention.

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