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Delicious bulky and soft hair with city fal geen

Would you like to have hair productsWho is hypoallergenic, so that you are secured against allergic reactions, you certainly do not go down to quality.

The products from By Falengreen is allergy causedSo they are allergifrie, but it certainly has not made the quality of the products worse.

With shampoo and conditioner from By Falengreen, you are assured of a good base for your hair, no matter how you styles it.

Volume shampoo no. 02. Adds volume to your hair while also giving moisture and nourishment. Would you like to have a hair with lots of volume, then this shampoo is a really good start.

The shampoo adds volume to your hair - also without blow drying. By blowing your hair, obviously you get much more volume, but know just using the shampoo you get a little volume, even if it just air dryer.

The shampoo also contains sunflower oil, which protects the hair from harmful UV rays from the sun.

With this shampoo, therefore you get volume, moisture, nutrient and protection in your hair. The shampoo contains no perfume so it is perfect if you have perfume allergy.

Although it does not contain perfume, smell it fine and adds no extreme scents to your hair. The shampoo leaves your hair softly, with a bit volume and with a clean scent.

For the best result, it is recommended that after the use of shampoo use Conditioner No. 08 by by Falengeren. The balm strengthens the hair while adding lots of moisture. Styles you for hair with heat - whether it is with blow dry, straight iron, curling iron or similar - it can be very hard for the hair, so it gets faster worn.

This balm adds the necessary strength using ingredients such as wheat protein and palm oil. Like all other ballsammers, this also adds plenty of moisture to the hair, but you can also use it as a hair chur. Has your hair need extra moisture, you can advantageously leave the ball in the hair for a long time, as with a hair chur, so it has longer to treat the hair. The product is thereby 2I1 because it is both a conditioner and one Hair Cur..

The delicious products from City Falengreen helps you therefore to get the hottest hair, no matter how you like to style it. You do not need to be afraid of damaging and allergy prolapsed ingredients with products from City Falengreen so you can safely use the products to get the sleek hair you deserve.

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