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Cosmetics can cause allergies

Have you ever heard of nanoparticles? Nanoparticles are often found in cosmetics, but it is not yet known whether nanoparticles are harmful and whether they can possibly cause allergies. In this article, you can get a little wiser on what nanoparticles are and what creams you can go for to avoid developing allergies.

What do we know about nanoparticles and allergies?

Nanoparticles are being added to cosmetics for two reasons. They are applied to cosmetics to either make sure that it settles on the skin or hair in either a visible or invisible layer, or that it penetrates the skin. Nanoparticles are present, for example, in some eye shadows to improve durability and for the eye shadow to lie as a visible layer on the skin. There are also nanoparticles in sunscreen, which makes the cream settle as an invisible layer on the skin. Nanoparticles are also found in various types of wrinkle creams, and their purpose is to make sure that the wrinkle cream penetrates deep into the skin. Inside these nanoparticles are hidden a number of substances, which are the active ingredients of the cream. The nanoparticles dissolve after some time inside the skin and the substances with the active ingredients are released.

There are different types of nanoparticles such as liposomes and polyester beads. The purpose of these two types of nanoparticles in creams is the same - namely to get active substances to penetrate the skin. Liposomes, which are small fat beads, are often found in wrinkle creams, but as such are not dangerous in themselves. However, it is unknown whether the way the liposomes transport substances into the skin is allergenic, for example due to the concentration of the substances. It is not the nanoparticles themselves that cause allergies, but rather the substances that they transport and release inside the skin. It is thus the combination of the nanoparticles and allergenic substances that can end up triggering an allergic reaction. Each cosmetics company has their own type of nanoparticle, making it difficult to determine what the allergy risk is for the individual.

Do you want to avoid allergic reactions? So go for one of the allergy friendly creams

Whether you need a body lotion, face cream or sunscreen, then you can easily avoid the allergic reactions by going for a cream that is allergy friendly. Fortunately, some of these creams are available from several reputable brands.

Body lotion

IVY AÏA are known for their luxurious products at reasonable prices, which are both perfume-free and AllergyCertified, which means that there is the least possible risk of allergies when using their products. IVY AÏA has both a delicious body cream and body lotion in their range which is guaranteed to leave your skin soft and free of allergic reactions.

Face cream

Nilens Jord has lots of products designed to protect and pamper your face. Their range of face creams includes both day and night creams, eye creams, face masks as well as several creams with Anti Age properties.


Of allergy friendly sunscreen products is There must a popular choice. The sunscreens from Derma are available with both high and low sun factor, and you can also find both aftersun and sun oils in their range of sun protection products.

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