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How to use Tan Drops

Who doesn't love a delicious tan skin - especially when summer is approaching? Not everyone has the time to put out in the sun - or want to risk sun damage - therefore Self Tan is a really good alternative.

Self Tan is very popular for people who would like a delicious sun glow without worrying about the risk of sun damage. Would you like to have hypoallergenic self tan, you may want to try Tan Drops from IVY AÏA. Tan drops from IVY AÏA Works for both the body and the face - therefore you do not need two different products to achieve a delicious sun glow.

Tan Drops you simply add to your normal face cream and body lotion. Add 2-4 drops to your face cream, mix it together in your palms and apply your entire face.

Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. If you need to put makeup afterwards, it is best that you let it dry for 5 minutes before applying your makeup.

To the body you also just mix the chosen drops in your Body lotion And apply it to the body - again wash your hands well when you're done. Remember that Tan Drops cannot be used alone - they must always be mixed with a cream.

Most may want to use 2 drops of tan drops on the face and use 4 on the body. This is because the skin on the face often gets more sun than the body, as your face will still get plenty of natural sun.

The Delicious sun glow will gradually be built and lasts for 3-4 days-the more drops, the more glow. You can use Tan Drops every day or when you think it is necessary.

It all depends on what glow you want to achieve. Tan Drops do not give as much color as you can be used to by other self tan. You can therefore use Tan Drops in your body lotion every time you need it to build a more intense sun glow if you want this.

As with Self Tan, of course, keep in mind that the color builds up after application. Therefore, take it quietly to apply more tan drops. Try it out quietly.

It is important to mention that Tan Drops does not contain sun factor so that it does not protect against the sun's rays. Therefore, if you are very much out in the sun, you still need to remember the sunscreen so that you reduce the risk of sun damage.

You must also not use Tan Drops on broken or damaged skin. Therefore, pay attention to your skin when using tan drops.

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