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What is suction?

Suction is a hair removal treatment, there is an allergy-friendly alternative to traditional wax treatment. It is an ancient tradition and it is said to be older than the traditional wax treatment. Suction can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians and it is rightly that the method still exists today. Suction involves a sticky sukkemassass used in place of molten wax, and many people report that the sugar is less irritating and painful than traditional waxing.

Suction versus waxing

Most have heard of wax. Whether it has been the soft wax for the legs or hard waxes for bikiniline, most have either tried or considered the idea of ​​a wax treatment at some point. Waxing uses molten wax, which hardens on unwanted hair and then pulls out the hair when pulled fast and quickly away from the skin.

Suction is a similar process and often referred to as sugar. But there is no wax involved, it is important to firm. So how does Sugaring remove hairy? The sugar mass lubricates on the skin and then retracted with a swinging movement. The sugar works because of its stickiness as an excellent way to remove the hairs and they are away in a snap.
It is recommended that some places use creams before and after treatment to reduce redness and irritation.

The ingredients of the sugar wax have in particular three amazing properties deepened in the below. At zero allergy, the allergy caused products from Hevi, which are created by skilled Vivi truelsen and we are not a doubt that it will live up to our customers' high expectations.

Less painful

HEVI Bodysugararary. Removes easily and effectively the hairs on the body, and unlike other wax products, the hairs move out with the hair's natural groring and not opposite. This makes the treatment less painful, gives fewer broken hair, is hair-reducing in the long term, and end the result is better and better.

Easy cleaning

HEVI Bodysugararary. is a water-soluble product, which means that it is easy to clean after treatment, just with lukewarm water. Conversely, it also means that you cannot work with Hevi Bodysugarience if the skin is moist, therefore, Hevi Powder is used.

Peeling effect of dead skin cells

One will, after treatment with Hevi Bodysugarience, experience a silky-soft result, this is because the ingredient ingredients also removes all the dead skin cells.

Other wax products are often so strong that they also remove many of the live skin cells, it can HEVI Bodysugararary. Not as live skin cells are moist.

Hevi Bodysugarience is suitable for all skin types and can even improve eczema and psoriasis, as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and the healing of the skin below.

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