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What is AllergyCertified?

AllergyCertified is an international allergy mark that you can look extra good at your products. AllergyCertified is a blue stamp that just the product you are in hand does not contain allergenic substances.

With zeroallergy.co.uk We recommend that you always look for products that are allergy -certified when you shop, this is especially true if you have skin allergy or if you want to reduce the risk of developing skin allergy.

In addition, you may want to choose allergyCertified products if you are pregnant, as AllergyCertified ensures that no ingredients are detrimental to your unborn child.
At AllergyCertified, everything is certified from skincare products, hair care products, makeup, shampoo, intimate products and much more.

You can find a complete list of products on www.allergyCertified.com.

A selection of these products is to be found here at zeroallergy.co.uk, where we only sell products that are allergycertified and thereby also live up to the name zero allergy.


The story behind AllergyCertified

Ewa and Lene are the women behind AllergyCertified. They founded the certification in 2014 when they felt that there was a lack of international certification that focused on avoiding, both allergenic substances and endocrine disruptors.

To this day, Allergy Certified consists of the basic women, Ewa and Lene, as well as an advisoryboard that includes a lot of expert in the field.
EWA is a toxicologist, and without going deeper into a technical explanation of what a toxicologist is doing, it means that EWA has in -depth knowledge and broad knowledge of the drugs used in the production of beauty products. EWA assesses the content of the products to be certified by AllergyCertified with its team and makes a risk assessment of the product from an allergy consideration.

AllergyCertified is distinguished, e.g. compared to the chemistry by looking at the amount of the different substances in the products.

The quantity and thus the immigration of a substance can be of great importance for allergy calls, and therefore there is an important parameter to investigate. If a product has therefore received the Certificate AllergyCertified and you can therefore safely rely on the hypoallergenicity of the product.

Lene Stiil is a communications educated and handles everything else that also follows the daily life of an international certification brand.


Why is it important for you to look for the AllergyCertified brand?

We know that many people wonder if it is important to look for an allergic certification at all if you do not suffer from allergies.

The fact is that allergies can be developed by everyone and if you are exposed to harmful substances in sufficient quantity and too often for your skin to follow, then you will develop allergies.

It is therefore important to be at the forefront of the products that you use daily. In addition, you can also develop allergies to drugs or products that have been used for years, but a shift in one's balance, environment or something completely third makes you respond allergic.

It is therefore important to reduce contact with allergenic substances completely and completely.

How does allergyCertified work?

Work is being done very professionally and with very tight guidelines at AllergyCertified.

When a product is to be certified, the product passes by a team of toxicologists that through analyzing all the ingredients products contain. The toxicologists give an assessment of whether the product contains potentially allergenic substances.

When working with certifications, and this is also the case with AllergyCertified, no guarantees are given. You may find that a single person can respond to an ingredient that everyone else will not respond to. Unfortunately, these are the rules of the game for allergies. But you will always be much more secure with a certified product than with a non-certified product.

At AllergyCertified, they go in and look at how people react to a given ingredient in a given product. As a user you can respond differently to an ingredient in two different products and with the composition of other ingredients.

As an example, an ingredient may well be allowed in shampoo where you quickly rinse the ingredient again, but this is not allowed in a face cream left on the skin and must penetrate to give an effect. It can also be an ingredient that is allowed on the skin but not on the lips.

The process of certification is long and complex, but it just makes you as a consumer can know extra sure about the sincerity.


Why are all products on zeroallergy.co.uk Certified by AllergyCertified?

The people behind zeroallergy.co.uk Missing one place where you could be sure that all the products placed in the basket were allergy certified.

There are many certifications, but not everyone is as pervasive in their analysis work, and credible as allergycertified. In addition, it was important for us at zero allergy that it was an international certification and it was on this basis that AllergyCertified was chosen.

It is important to emphasize that all the products you find on zeroallergy.co.uk is allergycertified certified. So it is not enough that a brand has some products that are certified. It does not make the rest be sold on zeroallergy.co.uk. It is only the products that have the certification.

At the time of writing you can find products from the below brands at zeroallergy.co.ukBut we are constantly working to expand the range, and fortunately there will be more and more products that are tagged; AllergyCertified.



How does AllergyCertified Development affect?

The prevalence and recognition of the AllergyCertified has a very positive effect on the entire market for Beauty products.

More and more Brands begins simply to develop products according to the guidelines set out from AllergyCertified. It is a tremendous positive development and a huge brand of diligence for allergic certification.

It may be that their logo "One World - One Label" becomes a self -fulfilling prophecy if development continues in this way.





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