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What is allergy for a size?

The mission at zero allergy.dk is ready. We have created a Helle, where you do not have to worry about allergenic products. But what is allergy for a size, what symptoms should you be aware of who gets allergies and how do you treat it if the accident is out.

There are some inevitable facts about allergies that are important to write behind the ear.
1. Allergy is a condition that primers in hypersensitivity - also designated hypersensitivity.
2. If you become hypersensitive or hypersitive due to a response from the body defense system, the immune system.
3. Allergy can appear throughout one's life expectancy, but it is most prominent in children's and adolescence.
4. You can get past many therapies, but the ultimately important is that you avoid the substances you react allergic. It's is precisely here

Zero allergic.dk sets in and provides only to sell no allergenic products. Click here and get to our Hypoallergenic products.

What is allergy?

A large part of the allergies that emerge in humans are hereditary conditional. You therefore inevitably have a greater risk of developing allergies if your parents have or have had allergies. But, however, there is also and not a negligible part, allergies that develop without a hereditary relationship.

But what is happening when you get allergies?

When developing allergies, there is an overreaction in the immune system. The immune system is designed to defend the body against attacks from promoting drugs. It can e.g. be a virus, bacteria or parasites.

This work task performs the system daily and usually without problems. But when it comes to allergies, a "error" happens in our immune system. The system forms antibodies against substances in the environment that cannot be categorized as just as harmful, such as e.g. A virus and this triggers an allergic reaction.

The more allergenic substances, the more likely there is for the body's immune system to make this "error", which is one of the main issues to use products without allergenic substances.

Do you get symptoms immediately?

At normal allergies, the time line for symptoms can be difficult to outline. It can be anything from an immediate response to hour delay. It is and becomes individually what quantity and the influence of allergenic substances needed to trigger an allergic reaction and the timeline for reaction.
By contact allergy, which is often talking about, for example. Skin care products, in some cases, the reaction may come 24 hours after exposure.

Who gets allergic?

If you look demographically, who is hit by allergies, it is especially the generations born after 1960. This is virtually all kinds of allergies. In recent generations, we have been considerably more in contact with allergenic calendar fabrics, making the impact in the increasing allergy.
There are no emergency figures for how many Danes resemble allergy. But it is estimated to be between 20-25 percent of the population.



As previously described, allergy is heritable. If you look at a parent couple, where one half has allergies, there will be a 20-30 percent chance that a future child gets allergies. Should both the parents have allergies, the chances of a future child are born with allergies to 40-50 percent.

How do you get allergies for life?

Prevention and treatment, as often, depends on what symptoms you experience as exposed. The overriding main prevention will always be to avoid what triggers an allergic reaction.
It is also based on this particular fact that allergy certified takes his source. It is about removing all the allergenic substances in the products and it is in Products with the brand Allergy Certified.

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