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Hormone disruptors should just be avoided!

It is implicit in the name, and almost hardly as the biggest shock for most people must control the hormone disruptors in cosmetics and skin care.

What is meant by hormone disturbing drugs, what can the consequences be with exposure and how do you ensure that there is no hormone disturbing substances in your cosmetics or in your skin care products.

What is hormone disruptors?

Hormone disturbances are chemical substances that enter and affect the body hormone system. Without coming too deep into the functionality of our hormone system, so you must be deleted that this is affected. It can have far-reaching consequences.

It is not all chemicals that are dangerous to people. As far as possible, one must avoid being exposed to too many, but it is not any damaging and not all who are hormone disruptors. Where it can be dangerous, if you are exposed to chemicals that go in and affect the natural hormone balance in the body and thereby cause an imbalance.

We are exposed to hormone disruptors in many places in our daily work. It can be loading, cosmetics, medicines, food, etc. It will therefore be difficult to limit the exposure of endocrine disturbances to not exist, but it is important that we try to minimize it.

At zero allergy, all our products are certified by allergy caused. In allergy certified, they seek for that there are no hormone disruptors in the products approved in them. Therefore, at least you can get a step of the way by buying your skin care products and your cosmetics at zero allergy.

Is hormone disruptors so as dangerous?

We can clearly and clearly conclude that. When you either inflict endocrine disruptors for our skin, or we take them through the food, or a very third place, it can, in the worst case, end with things like cancer, malformation of fetuses, reduced sperm quality, premature puberty, etc.

It is therefore a serious matter and there is currently no 100% guarantee that endocrine disruptors are illegal, so we are clearly recommended that you take the case in their own and seek to minimize the impact and ingestion of endocrine disruptors.

It can also be said that the individual hormone disruptive substance does not necessarily be damaging, but due to what is called the cocktail effect, they may be damaging in interaction with each other. The cocktail effect is another reason not to be exposed to too many hormone disruptors.

How do I know about something is hormone disruption?

As quite normal consumer, it can be difficult to find out. It is possible to find lists where you can orient themselves about hormone disruptors. But when you think the cocktail effect into the equation, then it can quickly get difficult to understand whether you move on the safe path.

Therefore, we can clearly recommend at zero allergy to buy certified products. In this way, you are sure that professionals have tested products and that it does not contain hormone disruptors.

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