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Guide to Menstrual Cup: How do you use a OrganiCup?

So you are considering switching to a menstrual cup, but have some questions and other concerns before taking the step further.

The menstrual cup is a sustainable choice and plastic free way of dealing with your menstruation. Here you get a step by step guide so you are well dressed to begin your menstrual cup.

Hygiene: 1st step

First, the equipment must be sterilized. Find a pot of water and bring the water to a boil. Put the cup in the pan for 3 to 5 minutes. The product is made of medical silicone, so make sure there is enough water in the pan to the cup not stirring the bottom and melts. Also, do not cook the cup for more than 5 minutes.

Introduction: 2nd step

Here, remember to wash your hands before introducing the menstrual cup. Take a deep breath and relax. As you know from the introduction of tampons you will find the position that is easiest for you by trying different things until something works. All bodies are different and something that works for you does not necessarily work for others. Now you need to fold the menstrual cup before import.

Keep the menstrual cup folded during the introduction. When the cup is inside, simply let go of it and let it unfold. If it is inserted correctly, you will hear a pop - this means that it has created a suction seal. If it has not created the vacuum, grab the bottom (not the stem) and turn the cup until it unfolds. You should not be able to feel the cup, so if you can it be recommended to try to insert it again.

Removal: 3rd step

As a rule of thumb, the cup must be emptied every twelfth hour, but of course it is different from person to person. When you have just started using the menstrual cup, it is recommended to empty it more often to find out how often you need to empty it.

When removing the cup, pull lightly in the stem, as well as use your abdominal muscles to push the menstrual cup down. Give the bottom of the cup a gently squeeze to remove the suction. Empty the contents of the cup in the toilet, rinse it in the sink and re -insert it.

After menstruation 

Once you reach the end of your cycle, the cup should be sterilized so it is ready for the next time you need it.

The menstrual cup from the Almaters is a sustainable and financial solution that gives you the same freedom during your menstruation as a tampon.

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