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Do you beautiful every day without fear of allergies

Many find great pleasure in highlighting the natural features with makeup, and many use therefore daily cosmetics.

Unfortunately, most cosmetics filled with allergens, and therefore it is important that you are aware of the ingredients in the makeup you use. Want to be on the safe side when you buy cosmetics, then you should go for products that are AllergyCertified, as these products are both skin and hypoallergenic and do not contain perfume or endocrine disruptors.

We have in this article collected a number of cosmetic products AllergyCertified, to inspire you to invest in products that do something good for you and your skin while you get all the benefits that you would otherwise have gotten from products that is less hypoallergenic.


Nile Land Waterproof Mascara 777

This waterproof mascara from Niens Earth provides long lashes visible, and thanks broom small tip can reach into even the smallest lashes, creating an intense look. Mascara sprinkles not, and it's water resistant, making it perfect for the active lifestyle, and for you to be on vacation, who needs a mascara that stays in place even taking a dip in the pool. Mascara, besides being AllergyCertified also free of animal products. You can find the mascara here

Miild Organic Mascara Black Volume Bulbous

If you are interested with mascaras that give a dramatic effect, then this mascara is for you. It gives you the same effect as false eyelashes, as it provides plenty of volume, and simultaneously separates the lashes. The brush is large and therefore very easy to handle, so that you can easily build your dramatic look with as many layers as you want. The more layers, the more drama! Besides being AllergyCertified this mascara is also Swan. Find the mascara from Miild here.


Nile Soil Second Skin Serum Foundation

This foundation is perfect for those who want a more natural look. It has namely a light covering power and thus have the skin look smooth and uniform rather than doctored. It is also water based and thus no oil, and so it has a semi-matte finish, all of which makes it suitable for those who tend to oily skin. Additionally, it contains vitamins A, C and E as well as hyaluronic acid, which cares for your skin and gives it plenty of moisture. You can find this foundation from the Nile Earth in several different color variants here.

Sandstone Pressed Mineral Foundation

This vegan foundation of the brand Sandstone is a solid mineral powder, which has a light to medium coverage, depending on how much you build it up to the skin It gives you the feeling of having no foundation on when it feels easier on the skin than one foundation in liquid form, and then gives it a beautiful matte look. Its matting property also makes it suitable as a setting powder. This foundation includes mirror so that you can easily refresh your makeup on the go. You can find mineral foundation here.


Nile Soil Mineral Powder

This powder from Nielsen Earth explodes with natural minerals that works with the skin's natural balance. It is slightly matte and silky, and so it gives you a pretty uniform skin. It can therefore everything that the perfect powder must. You can find it in several color variants here.

Miild Baked Mineral Powder

This powder from Miild costs a little more than average, but that's there a really good reason. The process behind the pillows is very special, as it is baked by weak heat for 24 hours to make its texture completely silky and delicious. It given a semi matt look and feels incredibly easy on the skin - almost as if you do not have powder at all. The powder can easily be built up on the skin with several layers so that you can cover problem areas on the skin. In addition to being certified by allergy certified, it is also certified by both the Nordic Ecolabel and EcoCert. Miild oven-baked mineral powder is definitely a purchase you don't come undo! Find it here



Sandstone eyeshadow

The eye shadow from Sandstone is found in a lot of different colors, and then it is incredibly pigmented so it provides durable and intense color, and then easy to apply. Due to the product's intense pigmentation, this eye shadow is also suitable for use as eyeliner. All you have to do is make the eye shadow wet and inflict it with an eyeliner pens - so you can easily create great and unique looks. You can find the eye shadow from Sandstone in the different color variants here.

Nile land Baked Mineral Eyeshadows

With this eye shadow palette, consisting of four eye shadows, you have the perfect base palette to create exactly the look you strive for. The eye shadow palette consists of four different colors eye shadow, which compliments each other so that you can blunt and combine them as you like and create complete and unique looks. With this palette you can easily create both more natural everyday looks and super dramatic dinner looks. Find your preferred eye shadow palette from Nile land here.

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