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Get more from your creams

Get more out of your creams and especially your hypoallergenic and allergy certified creams!

Here in this type, we will simply make a good husmorråd to you if you just want the last drops out of the pot or tube.

Have you, for example, bought a Mderma cream with pumpThen you actually still very much cream back in your tube / cream jar when you can not pump out more. In the pictures you can see a AllergyCertified Mderma cream that use daily.

mderma cream

Mderma cream seems apparently to be used up, but that is therefore still part back. With a small clippers rocks you cremetuben half, and here you will certainly be surprised at how much cream that sit on the sides, top and is collected at the bottom. You can now gather all the cream in a container - or as is done in this case - in the lower cut-off piece and just uncover it with plain film or aluminum foil.
Here is actually almost two weeks of use. It's not quite matter, as a cream of good quality, which is also hypoallergenic - which include Mderma series - costs a little more than a regular discount cream, where you can not guarantee the allergens it contains.

Mderma is a great cream for you skin allergyBut also for those who want to be proactive because skin allergy can hit one lifetime. The more you are exposed to an allergen, the greater the risk that you will eventually develop one or more contact allergies. In this context, the proactivity all makes perfect sense.

In Mderma series, there is everything from fat cream, oils, carabamide lotion for everyday Bodylotion and Face cream. The creams from Mderma is particularly suitable if you suffer from dry skin or eczema.

Children who suffer from atopic dermatitis, also called eczema for asthma or atopic dermatitis, can also advantageously use products from Mderma.
In atopic eczema works skin worse as the skin barrier to exogenous substances, and therefore in these cases it is extremely important to using only products where there is a guarantee that they do not contain allergens and other harmful substances.

This warranty do you get when you choose products that are certified by AllergyCertified. The vast majority of Mdermas products this certification, and in Nulallergi you can be absolutely sure that all the products in our range are allergy certified.

We care about you as a customer should feel safe when you shop at our shop, so there are in our shop only products certified by AllergyCertified. With this certification, you have a guarantee that the product does not contain harmful and allergenic ingredients of any kind. This applies to creams, make-up, Cleaning articles, legtøj mm.
The example here is made from daily use of Mderma cream, but it will probably also be the case for many other creams;)

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