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Is your skin available for an allergic reaction?

If you are a sensitive skin, then you know how frustrating it can be. You really want to try new ones hypoallergenic products, but it's just not always safe to do so.
What if you knock out? Is the question that you often always end up asking yourself.

Can one always trust that all products that promise to be allergy friendly, then it is?

One often has to be careful with what the manufacturers promise. There may be unpleasant surprises behind the facade of a well-wrapped and well-marketed product. The term allergy-friendly is often used for products that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction, but the product does not guarantee this.

At Nulallergi, we do not think it should be that way, and it is fortunately here that Allergy Certified goes in and blue-stamps the products, so you KNOW that they are allergy-friendly - ALL our products are Allergy Certified!

According to the International Association of Dermatologists, 44.6% point out that they have sensitive or extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, if you are sitting and reading here, and are frustrated with allergic reaction to your skin - then you are certainly not alone.

Fortunately, Denmark is one of the pioneering countries for allergy control and in addition to the excellent efforts that are provided daily by Allergy Certified, the government also focuses on the area. Thus, in 2018, the Ministry of the Environment and Food launched the strategy "Fewer Danes with skin allergies", which focuses not only on cosmetics, but also on allergy genes in cleaning products, jewelery and toys.

As something completely unique, Denmark established a knowledge center for Allergy in 2001, which deals with the causes of allergies.

This knowledge center also monitors the allergies in the population and researches why and how we should fight them. The primary purpose of the center is to prevent allergies from consumer products. As mentioned, this is done through insurance, monitoring and advice.

It is recommended from here that you click past their website:

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