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The City of Falengreen hair products, they're lovely, and they're exclusive!

By Falengreen

They're lovely, and they're exclusive! The hot and the active product products, which the hairdresser uses and which we tend most often to buy before leaving the barber shop.

Unfortunately, these products contain substances that do not, in any way, be characterized as skin and allergenic. In the field of temptation, it is essential that the products are both nurturing and moisture, but ingredients with these properties are, in many cases, both additives, endocrine disrupting substances and allergenic substances which may, in the final analysis, cause harm to you as a consumer.


An alternate

Fortunately, there is an alternative. By Falengreen manufactures and offers professional hair products that are at the same time as produced with care for the environment, without compromise with quality and design ;

The woman behind the City Falengreen is called Dorte Falengreen. Dorte has developed exclusive, sustainable and allergenic hair products, instead of the harmful substances, use natural proteins and minerals to wet and nurture their hair.

Challenge as a barber
Dorte is a hairdresser and had back in the ' 90s, her own salon. Unfortunately, in her hairdressing work, she often experienced allergic reactions to her hands when she was washing and nursing the customer's hair with the salon's hairdresser products. She was well aware that many of her colleagues had the same problem and that more of the customers also had allergic reactions.

This challenge was the start of the city of Falengreen. In cooperation with toxicologists and chemical engineers, she began to develop products which, in a single and similar time, could satisfy the strict requirements of the hairdressing requirements, such as humidity and care and, at the same time, to be very evenly and without harmful chemistry.

Completely of allergenic products
Over the years, Dorte has developed a complete series of allergy-certified products. The City Falengren series includes, inter alia, hair wax, shampoo, conditioner, volume spray and serum, and all the allergy-certified products can be purchased from, that the ingredients of the very evenly products are significantly different from that of the products we normally know of have no significance in terms of product characteristics. The hair products are entirely up to the professional standards in the hairline, and all products are exclusive in both quality and design.

Dorte Falengren's vision was, and continues to be, to draw attention to the ever-increasing number of people suffering from contact allergies, and to remedy and prevent the occurrence of eczema caused by contact allergies.

By using products certified by AllergyCertified, the risk of developing contact plates is significantly minimised and, at the same time, you as a consumer have a guarantee that the product does not contain perfumes and also known endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic substances.

With care for the environment
An additional benefit of products from City Falengreen is that, in addition to being hypoallergenic and free of harmful ingredients, they are also produced with care for the environment. dealer only products that are allergy certified. The products have been specifically selected and the indispensable requirement is that all products must be certified by AllergyCertified.




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