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Review: Contaminants from Ivy AIA

Notification of skin products from Ivy AIA

Ivy AIA is a skin care brand that is created with a focus on quality and to make skin care for an easy and part of everyday life.

All products from Ivy AIA is vegan and is neither added perfume, coloring agents, parabens or allergens.

The products are, in other words pure treat for the skin. Meanwhile, one of Ivy AIA the setting that quality does not have to cost a fortune, and therefore stands their products at prices that everyone can participate in.

We tested three of Ivy AIAS products to see whether they have succeeded in creating quality products that are worth including in its skin care routine. The test includes their Eyelash Growth Serum, Cleansing Oil with Macadamia Oil & Vitamin E as well Face Cream with provitamin B5.

Ivy AIA Eyelash Growth Serum

Several have become aware of the chic rocker serum, which due to its active substances may lash length and fullness. Ivy AIA have made their own tilt serum, and after trying it, we can just say: Wow! Just after four weeks we can see clear results! The lashes are given more length, and it is particularly evident if one takes mascara on.

Vippeserummet be applied once a day and is easy to apply, since it just needs to be applied in a thin line along the top edge of the rocker. The skin should be clean and dry before the serum is applied, and can therefore be advantageously used in the evening after the make-up has been removed, and the skin has been cleaned.

Vippeserummet can provide an easier tingling sensation in the delicate skin around the eyes, but fortunately it's quite normal and natural part of the process. We have not even really noticed this, which simply must be seen as a plus.

Vippeserummet from Ivy AIA differs from many of the other serums that are on the market by being vegan, free of fragrances and dermatologically tested. The serum scores certainly too many points on the price. Many of the most popular vippeserummer have prices that are up around the 400 to 500 crowns, while Ivy AIAS tilt serum is available for just 85 kroner (!).

We can therefore highly recommend Ivy AIAS Eyelash Growth SerumIf you want a cheaper tilt serum that simultaneously produces clear results. We love it here rocker serum, and it has already become a regular part of our daily beauty routine.

Ivy AIA Cleansing Oil with Macadamia Oil & Vitamin E

Most have tried to come home with a makeup remover that almost makes anything but to remove makeup, and after use, there remains a red and irritated skin. The scenario is avoided with Ivy aias Cleansing Oil. Cleaning oil is extremely gentle to the skin, making the skin does not get irritated by use. At the same time, the oil is rich in delicious ingredients like almond oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, leaving skin soft and delicious.

It is easy to clean her face with oil, then you just have to apply it in circular motions and subsequent owe it off with water.

We can confidently sign that it is successful Ivy AIA to create a product that makes it easy to clean and care for the skin, and we're quite fond of the delicious and soaked skin feels after you have used the oil.

Ivy AIA Face Cream with provitamin B5

This face cream from Ivy AIA, which both are intended for people with normal and combination skin, moisturizes and soothes the skin at the same time that it has regenerative properties. The cream contains Pro-Vitamin B5As after recording in the skin is converted to B5 vitamin, and this is that relieves, soothes and gives moisture to the skin. The cream feels really leaking on the skin and dries quickly, so that you do not feel completely sticky in the face after use, which is a huge plus, as it is something we have experienced with more face creams. It also means that after applying the cream, you should not wait for a hundred years before you can put his makeup without it cakes with the cream. The cream can be applied both morning and evening in connection with one's ordinary smudge routine.

There is therefore no Hokus Pokus over the face cream from Ivy Aïa - it keeps deleting and right what it promises, as you feel that the skin is curved, and then it needs to penetrate so easily into the skin.

Do you want to read more about Ivy Aïas products or order the products home, you can, among other things, find them at zero allergy website straight here.

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