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makeup products, then there is not much crack over the colors. If you are into the wild colorful makeuplook, there may not really be anything you find wildly interesting. If, on the other hand, you are for more natural and neutral makeuplook, then there are definitely some really delicious products for you!

foundation Miild 

The concealer is available in several different duos which have a good coverage and are based on minerals and shea butter. The powder is also really nice as it gives a semi-mat look without looking the dust on the skin.

Miild's palettes can be used as both eyeshadow and eyebrows - you therefore have a 2i1. With the same palette you can draw up your eyebrows and make a nice and neutral smokey eye. With the darker palette you can easily make a darker Smokey Eye, which is perfect for your evening makeup.

Miild. On the other hand, they are really good at the more dimmed everyday makeup. Miild's various mascaras are also really good and are even Tear-proof so they don't run anywhere.


Miild, then one must not forget that they also have cleansing products and the like for the face. There is cleaning, serum, cream, oil and facial mist.



Neutral Makeuplook Miild 

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