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Review of the best sunscreens

Sunscreen is an important part of everyday life when the sun is shining.

Although most people would like a nice tan color during the summer, it is still important to use Sunscreen, so you avoid sunburn and other sun damage.

With is all ours Allergy -friendly sunscreens AllergyCertified, so you are guaranteed not to get allergic reactions from harmful chemicals.


Derma is one of the brands we deal with. Derma Mentioned in an incredible number of best-in-testing tests about sunscreen, and there is definitely a reason for that! First, exist Derma Sunscreens in several different SPF and application variants. It is therefore easy to find the sunscreen you need.

Is one most into spray sunscreen has Derma This - the same if you are more into ordinary lotion.

Derma Sunscreen is also very waterproof and coral friendly, so you can use the sunscreens, even if you need to bathe in the sea. The sunscreen therefore works well on land and in water. In addition to the high protection against the sun's rays, the sunscreens contain glycerine, oils and vitamin E, which leaves your skin nice soft and supple.

In addition, it is quickly absorbed into the skin so that you do not have a greasy feeling after application. One of the best things about this brand is that it is found for both adults and children in many for different variants. It is therefore easy to find variants for everyone.

Active by Charlotte Also mentioned in Best-I-Test. The sunscreen is available in two spray variants in SPF 15 and 30. The sunscreen quickly penetrates the skin and leaves it delicious soft.

Active by Charlotte is intended for an active lifestyle - although you can of course use them, whether you have an active lifestyle or not - therefore you also do not sweat the sunscreen easily, so it comes to your eyes when you use it in the face. In addition, the sunscreen is also Reef Safe to protect the corals and wildlife of the sea.

AND! The whole can can be reused! The can should be in metal while the pump and lid in plastic.

It's definitely a great plus too! If you love spraysol cream, this sunscreen is really good for you so you don't have to worry about sweating the sunscreen off quickly. However, if you need an SPF 50, look at some of the other brands.


In addition to these two brands, at zero allergy, we also sell other good sunscreens, which are allergy. Although these are not really seen in best-in-tests, we will now dare to claim that they are good too! The sunscreens from MDerma, Nilens Jord and Ecooking is like the other two water repellent so that they do not disappear in water. They are all absorbed quickly in the skin and do not leave it the fat - but just delicious soft.

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