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All about contact dermatitis and eczema

Do you have a form of contact allergy, or do you want to know more about contact dermatitis and eczema to preventing the so read with here, where we explain what eczema and contact allergy really is, what causes it and what you can do to prevent and treat it.


What is contact dermatitis and eczema?

Eczema is many things such as itching, swelling, redness, or the occurrence of watery blisters, when you have been in contact with anything, your skin can not tolerate. Eczema is more particularly an inflammation of the skin which may occur on contact with skin irritants or allergens. This is also called contact allergy, and about 10 percent of the Danish population suffers from this type of allergy.

Once you have become allergic to a specific substance, you are the rest of your life, and the eczema will occur in varying degrees every time you are exposed to the substance. Allergens, known as allergens, may be fragrances, colorants, preservatives, metals, and even natural substances such as essential oils and plants.

See hypoallergenic products here that are good at prevention of eczema.


nickel allergy

One of the metals, which often causes eczema, is nickel, which is often found in buttons, coins, keys, mobile phones and tools. There are rules within the EU for the amount of nickel allowed in products, please take extra caution if you are considering buying instance jewelry outside the EU, since precisely in jewelry produced outside the EU can often be a lot of nickel.

perfume Allergy

Approximately 2-4 percent of the Danish population is allergic to perfume and perfume is also one of the major causes of contact dermatitis. You could be allergic to some perfumes, while not against some others. Any fragrances can cause allergies, and surprisingly, it is the natural extracts, which most often cause contact allergy.

Fragrances found in products like deodorants, lotions, soaps, sanitary towels and fabric softeners. Prevention is best to have perfume allergy by completely avoiding products with perfumes and instead buy unscented products.

There are lots of products without perfume, so with a little research you can easily find both face creams, shampoos, cosmetics and much more without perfume. If you use anyway scented products, so you should try to keep it to a minimum and let completely be using these products if you have eczema as eczema increases the risk of allergy.

You can sometimes check on the list of ingredients, there is perfume in the products, but it is far from all products where it is required that it must be clear whether there is perfume in them. However, it is required at, for example, cosmetics.


How to prevent and treat you contact allergy and eczema

The best thing you can do to avoid contact allergy is to avoid contact with allergens. Of course it can be hard to avoid this but try as far as possible to keep exposure to a minimum.
Have you already got eczema due to contact allergy, you should especially avoid the substances you are allergic to.

Eczema and symptoms of this as itching, redness, swelling or blistering arises where one of the skin have been in direct contact with the substance to be allergic to. After a while it can eczema affected area but spread to other skin areas. It is incredibly important that as soon as you find out you have eczema that seeks out her doctor. If the eczema is not treated it may be a risk that the condition becomes chronic, and that the eczema is not disappear when one is no longer in contact with the substance causing the eczema.

If there is mild eczema, it can often be treated with a good moisturizing cream, but this is very annoying eczema, a steroid cream may be needed. If you use steroid cream, you still need to remember to use moisturizer.

There must be a rule of thumb. Go 30 minutes between application of steroid cream and moisturizer.

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