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Advent gifts without allergies

Then December approaches rapid steps, and that also means that it is soon to be 1. Advent. At zero allergy is only the best good enough - also when it comes to Adventsgaver.. All our products are allergy caused so you can make sure that exactly what products you buy are the allergy.

We have a wide selection of allergifrie products, which means there is something for everyone - and something in all price ranges! It is also possible to find something delicious for less than DKK 50

With advent gifts from us, self-indulgence is judged in great style. With brands such as Ivy Aïa and Ecooking, you can find all the different products for your skin. You can find lots of cleaning products and creams for both face and body - lots of delicious products that do not have to break the wallet. Ivy Aïa Eye-Patches and Face Sheet Mask are two super delicious products that scream self-indulgence - and they cost less than DKK 50! If you have a little more money for the advent songs, Ecooking's Face Crub and Lip Scrub are two super delicious products that remove dead skin cells and leave the skin soft and delicious. Ivy Aïas Body package Provides great self-indulgence to your body - here you get Body Butter, Body Wash, Body Oil and Body Scrub with in the same package. If you need an all-in-one product, Ecooking's multi oil is the perfect choice - The oil can be used to add gloss to the hair, remove makeup and the cleaning skin, add moisture to your skin, and can even be used for shaving instead of shaving foam. Multi oil can therefore be used for many different things, so you do not need world products in your bathroom. So there is ample opportunity for self-indulgence to your face and your body - without getting allergic reactions.

Our makeup is just for the beauty-proof person who wants good makeup that is completely free of allergies. With brands like Nile land, Sandstone and Gosh you get quality products, which is a good addition to the makeup collection. Hypoallergenic makeup certainly does not mean that the quality has gone down. Sandstone has both liquid and powder foundation, which ensures you a good base for your make-up - use the Faceprimer Before Foundation to get your look to keep all day. Nilen's Baked Shimmer Powder and their highlighter gives lots of shine to your look so no one can go past you without notice you - you're going to shine like the diamond you are. Give your eyelash some love with a mascara. From Gosh - you can choose a plain black, or if you want a more wild and colorful look, you can choose Gosh Bobastic Crazy Volume Mascara in the Color Crazy Blue. It is thus possible to get a fat look, without compromising on allergies.

Lovely hair is also a must, and with our products you are free to be afraid of various perfumed products that often start allergies. With brands like Zenz and by Falkengeren, you are sure to buy delicious quality products that are hypoallergenic. To get the best base for beautiful hair, Zenz's 1-2-3 system perfectly - with shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment from Zenz help ensure beautiful hair that is ready to be styled exactly as you want it. City Falengreen just products to that would like to have beautiful, soft hair with volume: Hair Serum strengthens the hair and adds flexibility while Volume spray adds moisture and volume to the hair - the perfect combination for voluminous hair with lots of shine. You must have styled the hair more than that, Zenz Styling Mousse, Wax, Volume Hair Powder and hairspray to keep your hair in the selected style. So there are good opportunities to get great hair without the fear of allergic reactions in the scalp, making it dry and itchy.

Now you sit enough and think "Yes, but what about advent gifts for men?" And you don't mess for. Both Ivy Aïa and Derma have made series for men - Ivy Aïa but and Derma Man. Ivy Aïa But offers Face Lotion, Face Wash and Body Wash, so the men in your life can also enjoy self-indulgence - although we will tell that you as a man not only use what is made especially for men - perhaps a Man in your life will have some extra self-indulgence with a Sheet Mask from Ivy Aïa? Are the men in your life more to beauty to go a little quick, Derma Man made a 3in1 shower gel that combines shampoo, facial and body shampoo - it all goes a little faster with a product like this. Otherwise, Derma also offers Aftershave Balm, Mud Wax to the hair and roll-on Deo, so there is little for everyone. Nor do you need to find the big wallet, as you can easily find delicious men for around 50kr. Men can therefore also get some self-indication without causing allergies.

Christmas can be an expensive time with boats Advent gifts and Christmas giftsBut that does not mean that you can not find delicious products for cheap money. At zero allergy, we have products in several price ranges, where no quality is saved - with the great bonus that you do not have to worry about allergies. Christmas must offer lots of self-indulgence without allergies.

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