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Why choose Nulallergi.dk?

As a specialist and co-owner of Nulallergi.dk, I have missed a webshop where all products are certified, and where you can safely buy skin care products without the content of harmful and allergenic substances. At nulallergi.dk we only sell products certified by AllergyCertified.

AllergyCertified is a worldwide label, and is also the market's toughest in terms of the content of harmful ingredients, perfumes and preservatives.

From my daily work as a specialist, I know how much allergic disorders affect both children and adults. I also know that the most important way to avoid allergic skin conditions and eczema is to prevent it.

Therefore, take care of your skin, then you also take care of your immune system and thus avoid eczema and allergies.

I recommend proactive skin care, which is the new thing in allergy prevention. It simply means: take care of your skin and avoid allergies! The skin is your immune system's first and most important barrier against harmful chemicals that can trigger skin allergies, or through the skin gain access to the rest of the body and result in e.g. food allergy.

Allergy is caused by overreaction in our immune system and is a common disease.

One third of Danish children have had allergic diseases when they are 5 years old, and there is now scientific evidence that allergen-free skin products for children reduce the risk of allergies and childhood eczema by 50%. Half of the adult population experiences discomfort related to one or more of 11 commonly occurring odors or chemicals.

Allergy-free products and healthy and well-groomed skin are therefore your most important protection against allergies. 

If your skin is to be able to act as a barrier and protect you, you need to protect your skin. Add a good skin care to your skin to retain its natural moisture and thus form a strong barrier.

Therefore, use a good allergy-free moisturizer on body and face every day and avoid harmful chemicals - and take extra care of your children's delicate skin. Then the prevention is actually in place.

Only buy AllergyCertified branded skin care products.

When choosing products with the AllergyCertified logo, you can be assured that every single ingredient in the product has been carefully reviewed and that a risk assessment has been carried out by experts in the field at the same time. AllergyCertified works to certify products worldwide. When you see the AllergyCertified logo on a product, you can be sure that there is the least possible risk of allergies. 

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