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Nilens Jord PURE COLLECTION EYESHADOW Angled Brush 884

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PURE COLLECTION Angled Brush from Nilens Jord With its oblique and flat hairs, is designed to apply eye shadow accurately and safely. It can advantageously be used both for eyeliner and brine products. Angled Brush is a very compact brush with short, solid hair, which is also flexible. These properties make it easy to make precise and small details. The oblique cutout makes the brush perfect for putting both wet and dry eyeliner. The brush is handmade in high quality with synthetic hair, making it easy to collect the product, thereby achieving a perfect result. The synthetic hair is more durable than natural hair and is also vegan.


Apply the product to the desired areas with gentle and long movements to achieve a perfect result.

The oblique angle of the brush makes it also suitable for brine products, which Nilens Jord Brow Pomade.

Wash the brush regularly with luked water and a mild unpaired soap like Nilens Jord Hand soap. Always iron the brush with the hairs when it washed, and blame it to the water no longer gets color. Avoid the hairs getting crooked by not pushing them down in the soapy water. Let the brush dry naturally by putting it flat on eg. a towel.

Nilens Jord

Nile land was changed in 1982 by Lars Jacobsson. The ambitions
Was creating a universe of great, clean and quality beauty products that could of all women with all skin types. Lars and his wife Berit made the foundation of what is today one of the most trusted brand in beauty.
At Nilen's land, focus is focused on sustainability and they work hard to reduce the impact on the environment and thus take care of better at our All Mother Earth.

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