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Miild Organic Mineral Concealer Duo - 01 Light Amble

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Miild's organic mineral concealer duo, is made from the purest minerals and shea butter that moisturizes and works with your skin. Miild has tailored it to achieve the perfect coverage of your skin. It comes in three variants; Light Ample for the bright skin, Medium Boon for a medium-tone skin tone and Dark Repose for a skin with lots of glow.

In Miild's concealer duo there is a concealer with peach-colored undertone and one with yellowish. The peach-coloured goes in and reduces the blue/purple that we have under and around the eyes. That is, this you must apply first. Then you put the yellowish color on top for the perfect color correction. So you avoid becoming greyish or unable to cover optimally. Additionally, the yellowish concealer is perfect for covering impurities, redness or pigment defects.

It is creamy in texture and blends beautifully into the skin. It's delicious to apply in down-to-the-top movements with your fingers, as the heat from your fingers allows you to work it beautifully into the skin. You can actually also use Miilds Eyeshadow Brush, which is a little fluffy in it if you want a light covering ability and have a more mature skin. If you want a high coverage capacity, you can use the Miilds Skin Coverage Brush, which is pointed and therefore good around almost and by the eyes, but also good at tilting the product on and thus getting the desired high coverage capacity.

This organic mineral concealer duo is certified by AllergyCertified, Swan Brand and ECOCERT COSMOS.

The product has not been tested on animals.



*Ingredients that are organically grown.

100% of the total product is of natural origin.
64% of the total ingredients are organically grown.


Miild is a Danish beauty brand. At Miild, they develop enbred range of allergy caused beauty products that fit perfectly into the I zero allergy.dk, who just sells products that are allergy caused. It is two enthusiasts behind the brand Miild. Their common goal is nothing less to revolutionize the entire beauty universe focusing on the environment, man andnature. They will be much more than a company, they aim for community congratulations, environment and ecology in beauty. Behind Miild stands two strong women, Tine and Tanja, who with their personal experiences such as allergy sufferers and makeup artists have created a real stronger basis for a product series with a uncompromising approach to quality and compliance. The values ​​Miild is built up, trust, responsibility and average. Therefore, insist themselves also on transparency in cosmetics. It is a much needed breath for consumer train something that has been in demand for a long time. As Miild, you are not satisfied with independent ingredient lists and product descriptions that you do not understand. All has the right to know what they inflict their skin! Therefore, Miild products fit really good here at zero allergi.dk

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