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Hevi Sugaring 600 g.

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Effective hair removal for the whole body with spatula sugaring

Hevi Body Suction is applied with spatula and removed with strips and provides a hair-free result for approx. 4 weeks.

Spatula suction can be used for the entire body, but is particularly good at armpits, face and intimate.

The organic certified and hypoallergenic sugar wax is gentle by the skin and leaves a silky soft result without broken and ingrown hair.

600 g. Sugaring

Does not contain strips and spatler

    Organic hair removal - natural and efficient sugaring

    Hevi sugaring removes easily and effectively the hairs on the body. Unlike other wax products, the hairs are moved out with The hair's groret. It gives you a hair removal that is less painful and a final result that is better and better. Sugar wax is especially good for you who need a gentle alternative to shaving, epilator or traditional wax. Organic hair removal is for you who need an effective hair removal, but who will not compromise on what you are applying the skin.

    Easy to heat, easy to use
    You can both heat Hevi sugaring in microwave, water bath or Hevi warms. Optimal working temperature with the sugar auxiliary is approx. 45-50 degrees, which is a very comfortable temperature (other wax products must most often be heated to very high temperatures, so you can experience discomfort when applying).

    Organic sugar wax - pOf clean that it can be eaten

    Hevi Sugaring uses only organic and natural ingredients because it is better for your body and the environment. The pure raw materials provide a suction, which is a water-soluble product, which means that it is easy to clean after treatment, just with lukewarm water. It gives you an organic hair removal, which is completely free of hormone disruptors or allergenic substances.

    Minimize ingrown hair and beard design
    With sugaring, you move out the hair at the root. Therefore, there is also a longer time before they grow out again (up to 4-6 weeks). When they grow out, then the soft new hair that does not feel like "stumps". How to maintain the smooth result for a long time and release to think about hair removal in everyday life. Our sugar wax removes all dead skin cells during treatment and therefore leaves a silky-soft result.


    To achieve the best result, the hair should be at least 3-4 mm.

    Persistent treatment

    • The hair grows in 3 different phases, therefore you will be able to experience after the first treatment that the newer hair can be seen, and maybe there are only a few weeks before being treated again. After 2-3 treatments, the hair follicle is empty, and there will be up to 6 weeks between each treatment. This is of course different from person to person.

    • After each treatment, the new hair appears in a finer shape, and the hair follicle begins to be reduced.


      Here's how you do it


      Your skin must first be clean and dry. If your skin is the least moist or wet, you may find that the sugar auxiliary cannot be attached. Therefore, we recommend using Hevi Powder, which makes your skin completely dry.


      Come Hevi Bodysugarience on 1/3 of the accompanying spatula. One side must be kept free of the sugar sauce so it is easy to push in front of the spatula.


      Put the spatula perpendicular to the skin and apply a thin layer. This is done against the hair's grorle. Scrape 2-3 times, so you ensure that all hairs are grammen well.


      Put a strip on the sugar and rub from firmly on the sugar. Drag the strip with the hair grass in a firm and quick jerk down the skin. Not upward or away from the skin! The process can be repeated up to 3 times in the same place until the desired result is achieved.


      Exit the treatment with PURE BENEFIT ALOE VERA (Cools, calms and reduces redness as well as antibacterial) and subsequently withPure Benefit Body Balm (Moisturizes, care and soften the skin).


      All items are cleaned with lukewarm water after each treatment. Now there is just back to enjoy the feeling of a delicious, soft skin!

      Warm up
      Heating time in microwave oven
      Take the lid of the bucken before starting on heating.
      1000 W full bucket: 45 seconds *
      600 W full bucket: 60 seconds *
      * The times specified are approximately times and may vary in relation to power consumption and type of microwave. The consumer's consistency must recall viscous syrup. After heating, it is thoroughly stirred.
      IMPORTANT - Check the temperature of the sugar auxiliary before lubricating it.
      The sugar wax must feel the lukewarm on the skin and must not burn. (45-50 C °)
      Heating time in Hevi heater
      Heating in Hevi Heater
      Place Hevi Body Sugaring in HEVI HOTEREN and put the heater of 1-2.
      The sugar auxiliary is ready for use after approx. 45 min.

      Heating in water bath
      Pour water in a pot, so that your Hevi Body suction buck can stand on the bottom of the pan without the water coming in the product. Bring the water in the boil outsideThat the bucket is in the water. When the water boils the pan of the heat, and your Hevi Body sugar is put in the hot water. Stir regularly in the sugar took to distribute the heat around. Your sugaring is ready when the temperature is between 45 and 50 degrees. Check if necessary. the temperature with a rise thermometer.


      Body Suction Sucrose *, Glucose *, Fructose *, Aqua, Sodium Cloride. * = Ingredients from organic farming. 89% of the total ingredients is from organic farming.

      CertificationsAll our sugar wax is certified with EcoCert and allergy caused. Your guarantee of an ecological, sustainable and hypoallergenic product.

      Ecocert cosmos Is an internationally recognized environmental and ecological mark, which ensures the consumer natural, organic and sustainable products. The labeling, Ecocert Cosmos Organic, is the absolutely strictest ecology and environmental certification. In addition to at least 95% of the ingredients must be plant-based and ecological, the ECOCERL continuously controls producers that the ingredients are responsible and environmentally cultivated. In addition, packaging and production must meet special environmental standards. All ECOCERT-labeled products are free of synthetic perfume and dyes.

      Allergy caused Is an international allergy mark founded with the aim of making it easier for the consumer to choose hypoallergenic products worldwide. Every ingredient is carefully reviewed and ensures that the content is so mild and gentle for the skin as possible. The brand is the consumer's warranty for products without allergens and endocrine disruptors, such as perfume that can cause irritation and allergy. All products can therefore be safely used by both asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

      FSC. Is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper. You will find the FSC brand on products of wood and paper that you can buy with good conscience. You can, because in an FSC forest, more tree is fell than the forest can be reproduced. At the same time, FSC is a certainty that animals and plant life are protected and that the people who work in the forest are educated and get proper safety equipment and pay.

      HEVI Sugaring

      HEVI Sugaring has been created from a wondering, if you could not cope with the remotest of the hair. Chemical and more efficient. Vivi Truelsen started the company after she had tried chemical-free and effective hairline in a clinic by helping Sugaring back in 2011. She stayed with the same enthusiasm for the amazing way of removing her hair. It was much less painful and the result was better than other waxing treatments. It was not possible, however, to buy domestic consumption and it was an eye open-end for Vivi.
      She spent a long time developing the sugar-growing product that is currently on the shelves of Nulallergi.dk and other shops. But developed, it was, and she's real proud of it.
      The sugar wax is both organic, the swan and allergy-certified, which makes you with serenity can use it for your hair plumes.

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